Necklace ´Versproject`

Ring ´Versproject´


Collection `Versproject`

Synthetic material, rubber, lab glass

This is a project where I am surching for human materials inspired on  blood and plasma, so it gets close but still establish a clearly distant.

Called the `Freshproject´.


Space, identity, intimacy


In my work I search Always for the essence of my subject and make a design, here is clarity an important guideline.

I´m always looking for the intimate space within the ornament, a space in wich you can carry your most valuable memories along, with or without an other person will notice.

That is why I use the intimate colour the red in almost all of my work, combined with silver and a synthetic materials. The shapes I use are often closed round forms.

Galleries and expositions

2018 Land’art, Zeeland (Netherlands)
2017 Maashorst expo, ‘t Oventje (Netherlands)
2017 Foto expositie, Groene Engel, Oss (Netherlands)
2015 Land’art, Zeeland (Netherlands)
2015 Galerie Juffertjes voor Altijd, Kampen (Netherlands)
2013 Boqz, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
2010 Land’art, Zeeland (Netherlands)
2009 Galerie De Andere Kant, Zutphen (Netherlands)
2008 Land’art, Zeeland (The Netherlands)
2007 Stedelijk Museum Roermond, Neck’lace, Roermond (Netherlands)
2007 Graduation Artschool Maastricht, RAW, Maastricht (Netherlands)
2007 Stedelijk Museum Roermond, Neck’lace, Roermond (Netherlands)


Phone +31(0)6 538 386 10
Email heidi@ateliervers.com
IBAN NL51RABO0143362615
KVK 17246692